Indeeco is a privately held corporation. Fred Epstein, President. They operate in all states and world wide.

They donated $2,000 to the campaign to defeat Proposition B. If you are or know anyone who makes purchasing decisions for the types of products produced by Indeeco, you should forward this page to them.

INDEECO (Industrial Engineering & Equipment Co.)
425 Hanley Industrial Court
St. Louis, MO 63144

Phone: 314-644-4300
Fax: 314-644-5332
Toll Free: 800-243-8162

Electric heating products for commercial and industrial applications.


Duct Heaters    

Brasch 314-291-0440
Dell 800-537-4820
Tutco 931-432-4141
Valley Ind. 205-859-3997
Markel 423-477-4131
Warren 800-231-1084

XP Unit Heaters Ruffneck 403-291-5488
Chromalox 800-443-2640
Heat Transfer Systems  Budzar 216-918-0505
Gaumer 713-460-5200
Chromalox 800-443-2640
Wellman 800-358-8456
Immersion Heaters TempCo, 800-323-6859
Glenn 814-898-4000
Warren Elec. 401-245-3700
Chromalox 800-443-2640
Wellman 800-358-8456
Boilers Peerless 610-367-2153
Cleaver Brooks
Chromalox 800-443-2640
Indeeco Controls (Solitech) a subsidiary  
SCR Heater Controls Payne Eng. 304-757-7353
Avatar 610-275-9680

For further information, see our website at or send email to .

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