In recent weeks, opponents of Proposition B have made claims that it would raise insurance rates. In handouts, they included the following quote "State Farm does not write an insurance policy or continue an existing policy if we become aware that a firearm is present. We feel the liability exposure that is presented by the firearm is too great to underwrite."

Proposition B advocates contacted State Farm to determine the accuracy of this statement.

On Tuesday March 9th, we received a fax answering the question. A transcription of that fax appears below, with emphasis added.


FROM: Stacie Lock

SUBJECT: Position Statement: Missouri Proposition B

MESSAGE: Attached is State Farm Insurance's formal statement regarding our neutral position on Proposition B. I have also advised the Committee for Safe Schools and Workplaces of our neutral position and requested them to discontinue using the reference you brought to our attention initially. They agreed to refrain from using the information.

Please call my office to confirm your receipt of this information.

Thank you.


State Farm Insurance Companies

Position Statement: Missouri Proposition B

State Farm Insurance Companies neither opposes nor supports passage of Proposition B. Concealed weapons legislation has had no effect on our loss experience either positively or negatively in those states where it has passed. We trust the voters of Missouri, and are comfortable with their decision on this issue. State Farm is the state's largest insurer of homes and cars.

Contact person: Stacie Lock
Sr. Public Affairs Specialist
State Farm Insurance Companies
9005 Watson Road
St. Louis, MO 63126
(314) 963-4265

If anyone has evidence that opponents of Prop. B continue to distribute false information about State Farm and their position on concealed carry laws, please contact MPS immediately, providing as much detail as possible.

For further information, see our website at or send email to .

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