OK, so you are ready to write a letter or send a fax or make a phone call or send an email. Good for you! It is very important that all gun owners make their feelings and buying decisions known.

Take a minute first and think about what you want to accomplish. Is your goal to make yourself feel better, and to heck with how you affect the image of gun owners? If so, you want to yell and scream and threaten and get it all off your chest. Profanity works real good here.

But, if your goal is to accomplish something positive for the future of the right to keep and bear arms, think carefully about how you communicate.

Don't bother trying to educate them. This is not the time. Simply explain in polite terms the nature of your complaint, and let them know what if any action you intend to take.

Keep it brief, polite and to the point. No multi-page letters, no long phone calls, no marathon emails.

When you are finished, if they regret losing a customer like you, then you have done your job well. However, if they are glad you are not around any more, you have helped the anti-gunners.

When making your contact in person or on the phone, compose yourself ahead of time and be mentally prepared to hear things that might irritate you, because there was a great deal of misinformation about Prop. B. Remain polite and be a credit to the gun owning public. That is how we win.

One thing you need to realize is that some of these companies may have been duped or hoodwinked into donating. Others may have been strongarmed by the Governor. Not all are "true believers" in the anti-gun cause. Your effective communication may help ensure they are careful to respect your values in the future.

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