For Immediate Release March 29, 1999
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With all due respect to David Letterman and the Late Show, here is Missourians Against Crime’s "Top 5 List of Misleading Safe Schools and Workplaces Committee Statements or Actions".

#5 Someone could carry a concealed firearm "hidden beneath their clothes in malls" and "stadiums." (SSWC "UZI" ad)

The truth: The bill behind Proposition B clearly states: "All citizens, merchants, not for profit entities, or public bodies have the right to deny access to persons who attempt to carry concealed firearms into buildings they own or lease. Signs prohibiting concealed firearms shall be posted and shall be clearly visible to all enterances."

#4 SSWC’s ad features an UZI carbine rifle and says that Prop B would allow Missourians to carry that firearm. (SSWC "UZI" ad)

The truth: The UZI shown has been banned in the United States since 1994. In addition, the barrel on the firearm has been shortened to three inches which is also illegal. Even if the firearm was legal, the barrel would have to be full length (18") making it two inches longer than allowed under Prop B.

#3 Someone "convicted of assault, stalking, even child molesting" could legally carry concealed handguns under Prop B. (SSWC "UZI" ad)

The truth: The bill behind Proposition B has stringent requirements to avoid this. Among those excluded from obtaining a permit under Proposition B:

There are numerous other exclusions as well. The sheriff has the right to deny a permit to anyone they feel may not be in compliance. Anyone over 21 may file an affidavit with the court alleging that a person who has been issued a permit is not in compliance. Such allegations may include, but "are not limited to stalking, domestic violence or reckless endangerment with a firearm."

#2 Someone could carry a concealed firearm "hidden beneath their clothes" onto a "school playground." (SSWC "UZI" ad)

The truth: The Federal "Gun Free School Zones Act" prohibits firearms from being taken on school property. No state law can supersede federal law. Proposition B will not have any effect on this law.

And the #1 Misleading SSWC Statement or Action is…

#1 "The (UZI) ad’s sponsors…have pulled the (UZI) ad." St. Louis Post-Dispatch (3/27/99)

The truth: This statement, printed on Saturday, was likely given Friday. Almost all stations ran the ad all weekend. The ad was seen as late as the evening of Sunday, March 28.

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