Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City, Inc. (now Herschend Family Entertainment Corp.) is a privately held management company run by members of the Herschend family, including Mr. Peter Herschend.

On 3/1/199 Silver Dollar City made a $25,000 donations to defeat Prop. B.

Recently it has come to light that some people question that claim. There are two proofs. Here is a photocopy of the donations reported to the MO Secretary of States office: Details on Page 47 of the document, page 60 of the pdf file.

Also there is the fact that this page has been here since at least October of 1999. If the Herschend family felt it was not factual they have not contacted us to make that claim. And poking around here makes clear the prominent role that Peter Herschend played in the opposition to Proposition B.

Mr. Herschend is a true anti-gunner, going beyond merely donating large sums of money to defeat Prop. B, but actively lobbying against it in a very high-profile public manner.

It is doubly ironic, since many of the public attractions the company owns or manages are located in states that already have good laws permitting the carrying of concealed weapons by honest citizens.

In Georgia for instance (which has a good solid CCW law) businesses are not even allowed to post against concealed carry, as Missouri businesses would have under Prop. B. Law abiding Georgia citizens have been carrying their concealed firearms into Stone Mountain Park, White Water Atlanta and American Adventures Park for years, and have clearly demonstrated that they pose no threat to fellow park-goers. Like CCW laws in so many other states, the only impact is that violent criminals lose their guarantee of safe working conditions.

Herschend's "White Water" park in Atlanta was the source of an e. coli breakout in 1998 that killed a two year old little girl and sickened 26 other children. (details from 7/23/98 Chicago Tribune Article). So it seems that Herschend's parks have thus killed more people than the honest, CCW permittees that go to his parks have.

Unlike other business owners that may have been misled or hoodwinked or strongarmed into opposing Prop. B, Peter Herschend is a true believer.

You can contact Herschend in the following ways:

Phone: 1-800-475-9370

Email: tickets@silverdollarcity.com

Mailing address:

Silver Dollar City Inc.
HC 1 Box 791,
Branson MO 65616

Please, please always be polite in all communications to Silver Dollar City or any other donor to defeat Prop. B. Click here for tips on communicating with businesses who opposed Prop. B.

Businesses owned or managed by Silver Dollar City Inc.

There are many fine theme parks available to provide alternatives for honest gun owners to enjoy.

Six Flags, for instance, has long been an enjoyable destination for families, with world-class roller coasters and huge water parks with state-of-the-art aquatic thrills. There are 17 Six Flags parks around the country, including one each in Missouri, Kentucky and Georgia.

Six Flags focuses on providing quality family experiences, and unlike Silver Dollar City have not attempted to reach out and impose their will on society at large. Plus they are a ton of fun.

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